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One of the worst documentaries I’ve ever seen The audio quality is bad for starters. The narrator seems to be whispering, and you can’t really hear too well what he is saying. You never see a single person interviewed, and all of the images seem like a jumbled mess, and most have nothing to do with what the narrator is saying.

Horrible This guy is just narrating with a bunch of conjecture and nearly zero facts. He just pulls stuff out of the air and makes correlations that are assertions in the film to convince the viewer instead of presenting the science and letting the facts stand on their own. Terrible, TERRIBLE.

Legends speak of Giants that once walked the earth. In America alone there have been over 1,500 newspaper accounts, including 3,781 skeletons of a race of blond-haired giants discovered and exhumed. Where did the evidence go? Did the Smithsonian Institution cover it up?

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